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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Order An Appraisal

Welcome to the Lenders Choice Appraisal Ordering System. Please enter your Customer ID below and click the "Login" button. If you do not have a Customer ID or have misplaced it, please contact our office at 630-778-7800.

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Appraisal Ordering Tips

  • If you will be sending anything to us using DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc, please send it to our physical address of:

    10022 Bode, Ste 1C
    Plainfield, IL 60585

    Otherwise, USPS should be sent to:

    PO Box 9697
    Naperville, IL 60567

  • Purchases - please fax a copy of the Purchase Agreement
  • Construction Draws - Please fax the Draw Request
  • Final - Please put the closing date and the original appraisal order in the notes section
  • Contact information - this should always be filled in UNLESS it is for an Appraisal Update, Field Review, Desk Review or Vacant Land/Lot
  • Rush Appraisals - If you are requiring an appraisal back quickly, please put the closing date, the lock expiration date, etc in the notes section
  • If we have done the appraisal before, please put the past order number in the notes section
  • If you are ordering additional forms like a Rent Schedule or Operating Income Statement, please put the order number in the notes section that we are adding it to
  • Any additional information that you think will be helpful, please include in the notes section (i.e., best time or place to contact, information about the contract, etc.)